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"'If one can really penetrate the life of another age, one is penetrating the life of one's own.' So wrote T.S. Eliot on the translation of historical literature. Similarly, in the paintings of Peter Waddell, representation should not be confused with reproduction. For Waddell, 'history painting' is never merely the direct portrayal of historical fact. Rather, it is an act of penetration - penetration into the past, and the subsequent recreation of that past in the present.

"History painting could be considered an art reliant on veracity tempered by invention, on historical fidelity filtered by the subjectivity of recollection. This is artistic territory, located by Waddell, on the boundary between history and legend: a point where historical fact and artistic creativity, reconstruction and interpretation, blend into a third, transcendent visionary reality.

"Peter Waddell is an artist for whom history can be neither illustrated nor concluded - rather painted, and thereby recreated. It's an imaginative cartography of that other country: the past."

Bede Scott, Art Historian

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**Library for the Whole American People
36" x 60", oil on canvas

The Wings: Tudor Place
18" x 48", oil on canvas

Building the Octagon
36" x 60", oil on canvas

Return to the White House
24" x 84", oil on canvas

Raising the Monument
36" x 36", oil on canvas

George Washington: Architect
36" x 60", oil on canvas

**The Spirit of Washington: 1842
60" x 60", oil on canvas

**The Marble Room: An Evening's Work, 1871
48" x 48", oil on canvas

**Samuel F.B. Morse - Scientist: 1864
32" x 32", oil on canvas

**The Speaker's Office in Summer Dress: 1861
36" x 48", oil on canvas

Fleeing the Coop
54" x 54", oil on canvas

Conversation Piece
54" x 66", oil on canvas

Closing Up
48" x 66", oil on canvas

A Desirable Lot
oil on canvas

The Burning of the White House
24" x 84", oil on canvas

Family Tea
36" x 48", oil on canvas

Dolly Madison at the Octagon
48" x 36", oil on canvas

Architect & Client
oil on canvas

The President's House in Flames
oil on canvas

L'Enfant has a Magnificent Plan
60" x 60", oil on canvas

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