Peter Waddell’s paintings reveal the beauty and awe of America’s history and architecture. He brings building and historical events to life. His interest is not just in the great men and women of history, but also the workers, servants, and ordinary people who were an important part of the story.

His work reveals our heritage, and enables guardians of historic sites to transport their visitors back to earlier times.

To this challenge Peter Waddell brings 30 years of experience as both a practitioner and teacher of art, first in his native New Zealand and since 1992 in his adopted country, the United States.

The Splendid Mrs. Madison, oil on canvas, 48″ x 60″

Waddell’s paintings both entertain and educate. They allow a window to history. Their historical authenticity is based on the highest scholarship using written accounts and material evidence. Added to the artist’s informed creativity is his unique painting skills especially his ability to depict light, and the surfaces on which it falls.

His work includes collaborative projects with Mount Vernon, The US Capitol, The Octagon, The Museum of the American Architectural Foundation and The White House Historical Association as well as many works for private clients.

A Vision Unfolds
A Vision Unfolds, oil on canvas, 36″ x 48″